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Your kitchen and bathroom cabinets have, perhaps, the greatest visual impact on any room. And when it comes to replacing your cabinets, you’re not just updating the look and feel of the room, it’s also the perfect opportunity to consider the design and capacity of your storage space.

There are many factors to consider that will directly impact both the look of your room and your budget, so it’s important to fully understand all your options.

A few of these include the type and style of cabinetry you should buy, the kind of wood that will best suit your needs, and the finish and color that will best fit into your overall design.

We carry a wide selection of styles from the classic to modern. Whats your style?

Here are a few tips to help get you started:


You can find Thomson Select Cabinets, a decades old Jacksonville business here at The Remodeling Supercenter. Dealing with structural limitations and gathering of precise detailed dimensions are just a few of the things that the professional design staff of Thomson Select Cabinets can help you overcome.

Thomson Select Cabinets offers competent and professional advice. They will be there, ensuring that the installation of your products runs smoothly and stress-free.

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